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Aeroelastic response of a pitch-plunge airfoil with non-zero initial angle of attack
Petr Šidlof, Martin Štěpán, Václav Vlček, David Šimurda, Martin Luxa, Jaromír Horáček

Last modified: 2018-06-25


Flow-induced vibration of a NACA0015 airfoil model with pitch and plunge degrees of freedom has been studied in a wind tunnel at Re = 200,000 - 500,000 and M = 0 - 0.45. The model is supported by linear springs and replaceable torsional springs, yielding different pitch-to-plunge natural frequency ratios. The chord length is c = 59.5 mm, the elastic axis is located at c/3. For supercritical inflow velocities, the airfoil undergoes aeroelastic oscillations with relatively large amplitudes – in most cases deep dynamic stall with separated airflow, but sometimes a classical coupled-mode flutter with attached airflow. The study reports on pitch, plunge and dynamic pressure measurements and Schlieren visualizations of the flow field for the case of non-zero initial angle of attack, compared to previous measurements with zero initial incidence angle published in Journal of Fluids and Structures (Šidlof et al, 2016).


aeroelasticity; airfoil flutter; Schlieren visualization;

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