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Suppression of Flow-Excited Acoustic Resonance in Rectangular Cavities Using Spanwise High Frequency Vortex Generators
Moamen Abdelmwgoud, Atef Mohany

Last modified: 2018-05-04


The effectiveness of spanwise high frequency vortex generators in suppressing the acoustic resonance in flow over ducted rectangular cavities is experimentally investigated. Acoustic pressure measurements are performed where it is found that placing a circular rod upstream of the cavity edge can reduce the generated acoustic pressure significantly. By studying the flow structures in the region over the cavity, effective rod configurations can be identified and the effectiveness of this suppression method can be enhanced. Accordingly, hotwire measurements have been performed to understand the interaction mechanism between the shear layer developed over the cavity mouth and the vortex shedding generated by the rod. The velocity distribution along the cavity mid-plane when no rod is placed and when the rod is placed at different locations relative to the cavity upstream edge are discussed. It was found that the most effective rod locations mainly depend on the rod axis location with respect to the upstream edge as well as the vertical gap between the duct wall and the rod.


Cavity; Acoustic Resonance; Passive control;

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