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Zone Based Active Noise Control Via Head Tracking For An Aircraft Seat
Wintta Kidane Ghebreiyesus, Fengfeng Xi

Last modified: 2018-05-02


Aircraft passengers are in constant need for sufficient cabin noise reduction for travel comfort. In the past, conventional active noise control (ANC) systems have been used inside aircraft cabins to provide noise reduction. In recent years, the concept of placing compact ANC systems on either side of the headrest of a passenger seat is being applied to produce a zone of quiet (ZoQ) around the ears. This paper aims at improving the zone based active noise control for an aircraft passenger seat using virtual sensing and head tracking techniques.


A virtual sensing method will be introduced in order to represent the noise that a passenger would expect to hear at the ear. Virtual sensing allows for this representation even though the sensing microphones are installed in the seat’s headrest. The locations of the virtual sensors will be determined using a Matlab-based simulation with the goal of creating an ideal zone of quiet (ZoQ) with respect to the physical sensors. The second part of the paper will outline the heading tracking process of localising the ZoQ to around a moving mannequin head. The head tracking method will be developed to track the coordinates of the mannequin’s ears for the virtual sensing model when a passenger’s head is moving while seated. The software program Python is used with MS Kinect to use HSV parameters and face cascading for head tracking of the mannequin head.


The methods presented in this paper can be developed to accurately predict zones of quiet for various multiple input multiple output (MIMO) local ANC configurations. This work will provide a basis for the shape and size of the ZoQ with respect to the sound sources and desired location of cancellation. The virtual sensing and head tracking results will be presented in the final paper.


aircraft seat; active noise control

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