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Efficient flutter boundary and limit-cycle prediction algorithm based on the time spectral method
Yiming Gong, Weiwei Zhang

Last modified: 2018-06-24


The computational efficiency of traditional time domain numerical method for solving the flutter boundary and limit-cycle oscillation is very low, which limits  its application in engineering . In this paper, we develop an efficient numerical algorithm for predicting the flutter boundary and limit-cycle oscillation based on the time spectral method. The periodic aerodynamic forces can be quickly obtained by the time spectral method and the critical balanced equations are constructed. Then the second  iteration method is used in the solution of the structural equations to avoid trapping the local optimum when searching the balance point. The standard test cases of a two-dimensional transonic airfoil are adopted to verify this algorithm. The results show that this algorithm can  accurately capture the critical characteristic of flutter and limit-cycle oscillation with  very few iteration steps. The calculation results are consistent with those of the traditional time domain method, while the computational efficiency can be improved by 1-2 orders of magnitude. So this algorithm has a very good application prospect.


time spectral method; flutter boundary; limit-cycle oscillation; computational efficiency

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